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Rave Scholars Market Place - here buyers of fairly used items and sellers meet and exchange value for money. There always buyers and sellers here.

Easy Scholarship Information

Rave Scholars is the bee-hive for both local and international scholarship information as well as foreign student immigration information portal.

Academic Work Resource

Rave Scholars database house thousands of Academic materials for your academic excellence. Our database has tons of past project work resources and questions.

Rave Scholars Showcase - Used Items for Sale.

Below are some fairly used items for sale. Kindly contact us by phone or mail if you are interested in any of the listed items. Are you a student? Or final year about to graduate student? Do you have fairly used items in your hostel that you want to dispose-off? If YES, (you have a fairly used item for sale) then simply get a phone or camera, snap a picture of it and mail it to us via the Email: adverts@ravescholars.com or call us on 234-7035216063 and it will be listed here on our website for free.


A 32" LCD TV for Sale.

A Cooking Gas and Other Kitchen items for Sale.

A Rio Female Hand bag for Sale.

Male Shoes for Sale

Male Clothes for Sale

An Acer Duo-Core Laptop for Sale.

2016 Miss Beautiful Brain Nigeria (MBBN) pageant

Ravescholars Presents the 2016 Miss Beautiful Brain Nigeria (MBBN) pageant....


Coming Soon in 2016!!!


AGE: 18- 24years
NATIONALITY: Must be a Nigerian ‎
QUALIFICATION: Minimum of WAEC/NECO certificate
APPEARANCE: Good Looking

Winner: Annual salary and a  brand new car.
1st Runner up: ‎Cash Prize.
2nd Runner Up: Cash Prize.‎
Forms available: January 18th 2016

For Sponsorship & Inquiries please contact: 08116756284,09023456403 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Rave Scholars - We are a team of dedicated and hardworking professionals from different fields aimed at bringing first hand academic materials to students and helping them share thoughts, ideas and materials with the e-community with ease. We also assist in sales of used and new items and offer advert services to business owners and companies.

Rave Scholars is setup to attend to both the academic and social cravings of tertiary institutions students in the country. We provide Academic information and Social Interaction between students. Our Core services to student campuses includes but not limited to: Scholarship Information, Past Project Materials, Past Examination Questions, Sales of Used Items and Social Campus Events Management.

Scholarship Information

Rave Scholars provide first-class information about scholarship opportunities from within and outside the country. We provide tips and guide to excellent methodologies used for professional scholarship applications.


Past Project Materials

Rave Scholars have a professional archive of past Final year project materials. We have in our archive project topics, abstracts, materials and methods, research results etc. We offer full and partial materials for requesting students.


Past Examination Questions

Past Questions and Answers for Post-UME candidates,  year-one to final year and Industrial Training (IT) defense questions answers. We have first-class graduates in our team hence we provide excellence.

Sales of Used Items

Rave Scholars is an online campus market place for students who wish to buy and sell fairly used item. Every year final students graduates with lots of personal belonging being discarded. Rave Scholars is here to give them savage value.


Advertise Your Business

Rave Scholars showcases an advertising platform for small campus businesses such as Fast-food centers, hostel accommodations, saloons, gaming centers, exercise and gym centers, cyber cafes, study hubs etc.


Rave Scholars Forum

Rave Scholars in itself is a forum where student come together to interact. Our forum page is an excellent platform for students to post academic problems and get solutions from fellow students. It is an online board for academic discussion. 


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